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Daily Juice Cafe

September 17, 2009

I am absolutely in love with Daily Juice. I actually had a dream last night that George Clooney bought me a gluten free pumpkin pie from the Daily Juice and walked me to class, that’s how serious I am! (By the way, I need someone to decode that dream for me, gracias). They have many juice bar locations but they recently opened up a raw/gluten-free/vegan cafe in the Hyde Park neighborhood. It is located on the corner of Duval and 45th street. I recently went there with my sister and it instantly became one of our local favorites. They have a great menu, a large selection of freshly made juices and many other gluten free take home goodies you can also purchase.

We decided to try their Texicali tacos, one of the more popular menu items, as well as the Thai noodle bowl. You have the option to either get the full portion or the half portion. I decided to get the full portion because duh, I love to eat.

The Texicali tacos come with: 2 coconut/cilantro tortillas stuffed with walnut chorizo and topped with sprouts, tomatoes, guacamole, field greens, red onions and their homemade salsa. I thought it was delicious and actually have gone back a third time since then to purchase it again. The tortillas are crisp and fall apart easy but still edible and enjoyable. I have no idea what they put in the walnut chorizo but I can’t complain, it’s pretty appetizing.

Jenn ordered the Thai noodle bowl, it comes with: daikon and yam noodles (how do they make these?), sprouts, red bell pepper strips, coconut strips, radishes and an almond ginger sauce on top of a bed of romaine. She ordered the small portion and it was actually a pretty decent size, perfect lunch portion. We both thought it tasted great except the almond-ginger sauce was pretty strong and spicy.

Overall I give it an A. They never disappoint me. It’s organic heaven.

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