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ACL Essentials List

September 29, 2009

This will be my fifth year at ACL and I am more excited than ever. The weather will be cooler (hopefully) and the lineup is amazing!

Here is a list of ACL Essentials everyone most know–from rookie to veteran:

1) For the girls (or guys)– bring big purses or bags. This way you may fit a small umbrella, water bottle, whatever else you would like to stash.
2) Sunscreen– As of now, the forecast shows around a 30% chance of rain Friday and Sunday. Just because it is cloudy, does not mean you will not get sun burned! It is always important to bring sunscreen.

 3) Sunglasses–This might seem obvious but it is amazing how many things one can forget when running out the door…
4) A big blanket–Chose a blanket that you don’t mind getting messed up (dirt, beer and wine spills, cigarette butts, who knows). Last year I bought a king size comforter for $10 at Walmart.

 5) Trail chairs— glorious
This is optional of course, but I find them essential now. Your back and bum will thank you for purchasing one of these dandy floor chairs. They are comfortable and support your back well. You can bring regular fold up chairs but you will be sitting farther back in the designated chair area.  Stick with the trail chairs…. you can find them at many outdoor stores (REI, Whole Earth Provision, etc)
6) Water bottle– They have many water fountains around the park where you can fill up your water bottle for free. If you don’t want to bring one, then you will be paying $4 for bottled water. I like to bring my Sigg water bottle, they have plenty of pretty designs.
7) CASH!!– I would pull out plenty of cash before you enter the festival. The ATM fee at the park is ridiculous. You will want plenty of cash for buying drinks, food at the awesome food court , souvenirs, and the shopping area.

 8) Toilet paper—Yes, the miniature buddha on your shoulder is telling you to pack toilet paper in your purse or backpack. The porta-potties run out fast and they do not restock them with fresh TP very often.

9) Hand sanitizer– Let’s face it. Those porta-potties are disgusting
10) Band aids–For those walking a good distance to get to the park, band-aids might be a good idea to prevent blisters.

 11) Bandana– Since they re-did the grass this year we shouldn’t have a problem with a dust storm but it is always a good idea to bring one to cover your mouth just in case…Maybe I’m just paranoid from experiencing the dust storm. 
 13) Protein bars– * If you have Celiac Disease you may bring in your own food with a doctor’s note explaining your condition. If you do not have a doctor’s note then you will not be able to bring in your GF foods. Since bringing in peanut butter sandwiches and other gluten-free foods can take up room in my bag, I like to bring a variety of protein bars. This is a good option for everybody to bring because they can hold you over until you hit the Austin Eats Food Court for your next meal. 
14) Electrolytes–EmergenC packets, Elete electrolytes from People’s Rx and Mellow Johnny’s, NUUN, etc. All of these are great options to help prevent dehydration which is key. It is important to remember to drink plenty of water!

15)  Charge your camera. Make sure to charge your camera so you can remember to snap plenty of great festival pictures!

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  1. September 29, 2009 9:14 pm

    nice list there… I will def be using it!

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