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Austin Restaurant Week: Gluten-Free Options

February 26, 2010

Yes, you read that right. Gluten-free options at Austin Restaurant Week!

Austin Restaurant Week is hosted by Rare Media. Rare is one of my favorite local magazines with great spotlights on food, shopping, music and more.

The dates for Spring 2010 restaurant week are:

February 28th (This Sunday!)-March 3rd

March 7th-March 10th

This time around, a few restaurants will be serving lunch with prices ranging from $10-15. Dinner prices are between $25-35.

I was thrilled to see they have added a helpful yellow GF button next to the restaurants who will have gluten-free options on their menu. They also have a green button for vegetarian and a pink button for wine pairings.

The following restaurants will have gluten-free options during Spring 2010 Restaurant Week.

For information on the restaurant menus, visit Austin Restaurant Week.

If you are curious to what substitutions will be made to make the menu gluten-free, I would suggest calling the restaurant prior to making a reservation.

I will be going to Driskill Grill, Fino and 360 Uno Trattoria!

360 Uno Trattoria

(512) 327-4448

$15 for Lunch, $25 for Dinner

8212 Wine Bar and Grill

(512) 329-7959

$35 for Dinner

Bagpipes Irish Pub

(512) 467-8600

$15 for Lunch

Ciola’s Italian American

(512) 263-9936

$35 for Dinner

Daily Grill

(512) 836-4200

$33 for Dinner

Driskill Grill

(512) 391-7162

$35 for Dinner

Fino Restaurant Patio and Bar

(512) 474-2905

$15 for Brunch and Lunch, $35 for Dinner

Freda’s Seafood Grille

(512) 506-8700

$15 for Lunch, $35 for Dinner

Jasper’s Restaurant

(512) 834-4111

$35 for Dinner


(512) 477-5584

$35 for Dinner

Judge’s Hill Restaurant

(512) 495-1857

$25 and $35 for Dinner

McCormick and Schmick’s Downtown

(512) 236-9600

$35 for Dinner

Mizu Prime Steak and Sushi

(512) 263-2801

$35 for Dinner

Shoreline Grill

(512) 477-3300

$25 and $35 for Dinner

Siena Restaurant

(512) 349-7667

$35 for Dinner

Somnio’s Cafe

(512) 442-2500

$15 for Lunch, $25 for Dinner

Melting Pot

(512) 401-2424

$25 and $35 for Dinner

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