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ATX Gluten-Free News: October 2010

October 15, 2010

Welcome to another segment of Austin gluten-free news. I hope everyone enjoyed ACL this year (if you went!). The gluten-free friendly food was amazing and I hope to put a similar list together next year.

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Third Base has gluten-free options. If you are interested in knowing which ones, shoot me an e-mail:

Takoba has recently added a gluten-free menu including: micheladas, shrimp enchiladas, carnita tacos, chocolate truffle cake (wow!) and three gluten-free beers and ciders.

El Arbol has many gluten-free options, to name a few: Anticucho de Corazon, Pulpo, all salads & Parrilla items, Veiras Doradas, Mero, Falda de Cerdo and Escabeche criollo de pescado. Read more about them here. Their staff is very knowledgeable about which ones are gluten-free.

Lift Cafe has added Udi’s bread to their menu. A new breakfast sandwich of theirs is called the 86 gluten sandwich, made with Udi’s bread, egg, cheese, bacon and avocado. It is awesome! You can order regular lunch sandwiches, as well as gluten-free friendly breakfast tacos also.

Hail Merry has come out with a new line of flavored nuts and seeds. I tried the Lemon Thyme (courtesy of them) and they were amazing. There will be a total of five flavors. Also from their gluten-free line is their addicting lemon tart, chocolate macaroons and macadamia dip. Love their products.

Alamo Drafthouse Lake Creek has gluten-free pizza but it might not last for long. Enjoy it while you can. In the mean time they will be keeping the gluten-free beer on the menu at all locations.

The Peached Tortilla is a new trailer that has recently opened. They have a few gluten-free options, including southern squash taco on corn, and the brisket taco (sub out the BBQ sauce for the sriracha mayo).

Bavarian Bistro is another trailer that has gluten-free options. Sarah from Gluten Girl in Austin recently tried it out. Avoid the sauerkraut. The cabbage, bratwurst and potatoes are all gluten-free, without the bun.

Hai Ky, both locations,  has gluten-free options. Pad Thai (with the old sauce, not the new sauce), is my favorite.

Flying Carpet is another trailer with gluten-free options. Check out Blinded Bite’s post on it.

HEB is expanding their gluten-free sections in their stores statewide. Stop by any of their locations to pick up a full list of products.

Local Baby is a local baby food company. They just released a new product that is made of gluten-free bison meatballs with a tomato apple glaze. Find their products at the downtown farmer’s market.

Java Dive 2 is now open in Lakeway. They are serving up fresh coffee, gluten-free pastries and muffins. Stop by and enjoy their new spacious patio! Their original site (Java Dive 1) has the largest menu selection with many gluten-free options.

Sprouts gluten-free jubilee is going on now through October 27th. 25% off all gluten-free products. Go stock up!

Carls Jr. is under construction in Westlake. They have allergen information on their website with the option for a gluten-free burger.

The Meathouse, also in Westlake, is now serving Rudi’s gluten-free bread for sandwiches. They have many other gluten-free products including Boar’s Head meats, Green’s beer, spice mixes, marinades and Nadamoo ice cream.

Executive Chef of People’s Rx, Alain Braux, has released his second book called: Living Gluten and Dairy Free with French Gourmet Food. Included in his book is an extensive shopping list for Austin, and many great recipes. Stop by People’s Rx Westlake to pick up your copy or buy on Amazon.

Another gluten-free cookbook that has hit the book shelves is by Karen Morgan, called BlackBird Bakery Gluten-Free. The book is filled with mouth-watering dessert recipes. Pick up your copy today at Anthropologie or buy online at Amazon.

Emily’s Dive, another food trailer at Congress and 3rd (next to Bavarian Bistro) has gluten-free options. Tacos are gluten-free, ask for corn tortillas.

Stay tuned for a mouth watering dessert pizza recipe coming up next week!

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